Q: What are the sleeping arrangements in the dorm rooms?
A: Male & female separate. We try to group guests of similar ages together, older riders and instructors stay in separate rooms in the same complex.

Q: Are your instructors male or female?
A: We only have female instructors.

Q. Do you need to pre pay for childrens riding courses.
A. Yes, full payment is now required to make a booking.

Q. Do you need to pre pay for farm stay bookings?
A. Yes, at least 14 days before arrival.

Q. Are you open all year?
A. Yes, except 20th December to 3rd January.

Q. What happens if it rains, do I get a refund?
A. Sorry, courses are non refundable for any reason.

Q. Do you have any ensuite rooms?
A. Only guest share shower / toilet rooms.

Q. How will I find you at the Airport?
A. We will hold a name card with your name on it at the arrival gate.

Q. Do you run any overnight camping treks?
A. Only half & full day treks returning to Kowhai each evening.

Q. Do you ride English or Western style?
A. English style.

Q. Can I bring my own horse to Kowhai?
A. Yes, but you will need to provide all food for the horse.

Q. Can I stay for the budget course price outside weekends & School Holidays.
A. No. (there is a minimum number of 28 people on the courses)

Q. How may hours riding will I get each day?
A. Usually you can ride both morning & afternoon around 1.5 hours each time. (guests help with catching, grooming, saddling, tack cleaning etc - so you will be busy with the horses for around 3 hours each morning / afternoon weather permitting - there is not a lot of free time!)

Q. Are adult riders welcome on weekend courses?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the minimum age for unaccompanied children?
A. 8 years. (6 & 7 years only by special arrangement)

Q. How many people are usually staying overnight on the farm.
A. 4 - 6 mid week and around 30 during weekends and NZ School Holidays.

Q. Why is the tour group price more expensive than the single person price?
A. We have to catch, groom, saddle and bridle each horse and clean the tack after the ride.